Lab News

Maximilian Genetti Defended his Thesis (5/24/2024)

Max did an amazing job defending his thesis on leveraging various approaches for studying admixture in diverse natural populations. He linked Neotropical cats' hybridization with human-mediated deforestation, found signals of ancestry specific selection in Aficanized honebees, and developed tools to model multilocus selection in European sparrows. Congrats, Dr. Genetticist!


Anne Nakamoto and Alan Zhang Join the the lab (3/22/2024)

We're delighted to welcome Anne and Alan to the lab. Anne comes to us as a GRFP fellow from UC Berkeley undergrad in Ksenia Krasileva's lab, and Alan joins from undergraduate work with Ian Korf at UC Davis.

Chris Condon Advances (8/17/2023)

Chris wrecked his qualifying exam (in a good, non-confusing way). Congratulations, Chris!

His research will use a ton of innovative genomic techniques to figure out how genetic conflicts shape popupations and molecules.

Gabe Penunuri Advances (7/13/2023)

Gabe nailed his qualifying exam. His work producing tools to facilitate the detection of protein mimics will take the symbiosis world by storm.

Lily Karim Advances (7/7/2023)

Lily passed her qualifying exam with flying colors — like a glorious autumn wind. Her thesis proposal was rad. Lily's work will enable public health offices to mitigate the spread of major pathogens.

Jakob McBroome Defended his Thesis (5/26/2023)

Jakob's thesis work is amazing. He built tools to study pathogen genomes, and invented new ways the we will track the evolution adn emergence of epidemiologically novel strains of major pathogens. Congratulations, Jakob!

Bryan Thornlow Defended his Thesis (10/25/2021)

One of the two first graduate student to join our lab, Bryan, defended his thesis! Bryan showcased amazing work on tRNA evolution and predicting tRNA activity. Next, he's head to Boston to work as a data scientist at Rome Therapeutics. Congratulations, Bryan! We're super excited to see what's next for you.


ShUShER is out in JOSS! (10/18/2021)

Alex Kramer's first first author paper just came out in the Journal of Open Source Software. Check it out! In it, Alex developed a port of the UShER phylogenetic placement approach for webAssembly in order to preserve privacy of SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence data. Check out the web portal. Many thanks to the NextStrain treat, whose auspice tree viewer and sequence alignment we used.

Cluster Tracker is live! (10/1/2021)

We sent cluster tracker into the world today! Cluster tracker is a tool for exploring the geographic spread of SARS-CoV-2 across the US. Our twitter thread explains the tool and provides information about its usage.
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We have a new website (9/11/2021)

Welcome to the newly redesigned Corbett-Detig lab website! Take a look around. Maybe figure out what filetype you are? Go meet the dogs, or the people.