In general, research in my group focuses on addressing longstanding questions in evolutionary genetics often through developing novel bioinformatic and genomic methods. I am particularly interested in recruiting scientists with experience using scripting and/or programming languages. In addition, experience with molecular biology techniques is highly desirable. The most important prerequisite, is a passion for evolutionary genomics. If you're interested in joining my group, please get in touch via email to rucorbet@ucsc.edu and tell me what filetype you are.

Graduate Students

I will be accepting graduate students through the Bioinformatics program at UCSC. More information about this graduate program can be found here. Interested prospective students are encouraged to contact me to discuss their interest in joining my lab and to discuss potential projects prior to applying to the program.


I am always looking for talented postdocs to join the group. If you're interested, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I would love to hear your research ideas and career plans.

Undergraduate Students

UCSC undergrads who are interested in gaining some research experience in evolutionary genomics should contact me. Undergraduates need not have any specific skills or research experience. Just be excited to learn. If you do choose to contact me, please include a copy of your resume/CV, read through some of our recent publications and come prepared with questions!